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AdSpark is a targeted ad platform for users to discover, review, and contact local services. Service providers can easily create ads and promote their services with a variety of promotional tools.

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Cleaning Services

Maids and house cleaning services are just the start of the different types of businesses that offer cleaning services. Junk removal, catastrophe recovery, and various types of wear and tear services are available for use by consumers and businesses alike. Many cleaning services also offer demolition services, post cleanup recovery, and water damage repairs.

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Home Repair and Handyman

Need new flooring installed at your home? How about roof work, kitchen remodeling, or a host of other improvements to your home? How about a handyman to take care of a laundry list of issues or complaints for your home or appliances? The ads on this site are tailored to contracters and handyman services in your area to keep your home in tip-top shape.

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Moving and Packing

No one enjoys moving day. You can make the day a little bit easier and less stressful by having a professional pack and move your valuable items across town or across the country. The services on our moving site come in all shapes and sizes since everybody needs something a little bit different. Some clients need an entire house full of items transported, and other just need a couch moved. You'll find both here.

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